Neuro Fitness Coach


Neuro Fitness Coach

Who is your Role Model?
It is none other than -YOU!

EmpowHER, an iconic approach shifting mindset, altering beliefs and developing new perspectives.

Combining the power of neuroscience and mind - health coherence, tailored for women professionals.

Mission: To harness the full potential by fostering growth mindset, resilience and unstoppable determination in living the best lives.

Rejuvinated Personality, Fitness Mindset, Healthy Relations, Successful Profession.   Achievable if you just believe in it.


Shifting of Mind, Heart, Body & Soul. Creating New Neural Pathways, Elevating Emotions, Shifting Feelings & Connecting Higher Consciousness. 

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Dr. Mary Gandhi

A trailblazing coach and organizational psychologist with 15+ years of experience in HR counseling and coaching, and a passion for empowering women in management.

Born in Germany and raised in Dubai with roots from India, I have developed a unique cultural perspective that allows me to effortlessly connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

As a certified coach with International Coach Federation, a Master Neuro-Behavioral Coach with focus on Law of Attraction, a Mental Fitness Coach with Positive Intelligence Coaching, I have honed the expertise in helping individuals overcome challenges such as burnout, imposter syndrome, and work-life balance.

My passion in strength training, cycling, dancing has kept me balance my mind and body muscles- to stay sharp and focused.

My mission is to empower women especially moms in leadership positions to shatter their glass ceilings and live a life of purpose, energy, and motivation.

With my expertise and infectious enthusiasm, I am a game-changer for women seeking to break free from the constraints of societal expectations and unlock their true potential to live harmoniously in abundance.

Mary G.

What can I help you with?

The challenges that you face as a mom professional in management position; going through work place challenges - burnout, imposter syndrome, gender disparity, culture shock and or hurdles in a relationship- conflict, lack of communication and or disempowerment - self doubt. poor confidence, past traumas etc.

Organisational Challenges

Overcoming burnout syndrome, imposter syndrome, instable work life balance and cultural difference.

360 degrees personality change

Recreating new neural pathways through affirmations, meditations etc. helps eradicate anxiety, depression and negative thoughts.

Deeper Relations

Help heal and nurture meaningful relationships by building a concrete foundation, smooth communication & healthy connection.

Health & Fitness journey

Find the newer version of yourself by probing deeper and tapping into outside comfort zone of health & fitness.

Meditation Techniques & Affirmations

Step by Step process to learn the acceleration of calm and relaxed part of the brain to rid past traumas and ailments.

Testimonials from clients

Magnetic mind coaching 1
Due to overwhelming and exhaustion with an imbalance in Work-Life, my client became the victim of vertigo attacks. Through the process of transformation and Law of Attraction and its manifestations after 3 sessions my clients condition started to improve and before the end of the 6 sessions his vertigo disappeared and not a trace of return. He feels good and can continue his exercises and other activities.
Sibin Vargis
Moving to a new country was very challenging for me as I was in a culture shock and felt very intimidated by the new colleagues feeling insecure and with Mary´s coaching method of positive intelligence with a focus on DEIB, I was able to recognize the saboteur of imposter syndrome and understood how to overcome it. Now I am brave enough to talk my heart out and I started contributing to my team. I am much happier. I will continue sessions with her till I am used to my new ways and process.
Venicia Ryan
Team Leader

ACC -ICF Certified Transformational Coaching

Masters in Neuro Coaching with Law of Attraction

Positive Intelligence Coaching

PhD Organisational Psychology

Choose Your Success Plan

Positive Intelligence Coaching - 6 weeks group sessions + 2 weeks individual sessions

Positive Intelligence: Positive Intelligence (PQ) coaching is a methodology developed and based on research and insights from positive psychology, neuroscience, and cognitive behavioral therapy. The premise of Positive Intelligence coaching is to help individuals increase their “Positive Intelligence Quotient” by improving their mental fitness and shifting their mindset towards more positive and empowering thinking patterns.

Week 1: Introduction and Assessment

  • Introduction to Positive Intelligence:.

  • PQ + Saboteur Assessments

Week 2: Understanding Saboteurs and Sage

  • Saboteur Awareness

  • Introduction to Sage

Week 3: Strengthening PQ Brain Muscles

  • PQ Brain Muscle Training

  • Daily Practice

Week 4: Reframing and Resilience

  • Reframing Limiting Beliefs

  • Building Resilience

Week 5: Cultivating Positive Emotions and Flow

  • Positive Emotion Amplification

  • Finding Flow

Week 6: Integration and Maintenance

  • Integration and Reflection

  • Maintenance Plan

Week 7 & 8: Individual Coaching session

  • New PQ Assessment results

  • Action Plan

ICF Transformational Coaching- 6 to 8 weeks Package

Transformational Coaching: ICF Transformational Coaching refers to a coaching approach that is aligned with the principles and standards set forth by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and aims to facilitate deep, sustainable personal and professional transformation in clients. 

  1. Client-Centered Approach

  2. Co-Creative Partnership

  3. Transformational Conversations

  4. Goal-Oriented Approach

  5. Holistic Perspective

  6. Ethical Standards

Magnetic Mind Coaching - 10 weeks individual sessions

Neuro behavioral coaching with law of attraction: Are you interested in leveraging the power of neuroscience to achieve your goals? Neurobehavioral Coaching combines the latest insights from neuroscience with proven coaching techniques to help you optimize your brain function and behavior. Whether you want to improve focus and productivity, manage stress more effectively, or enhance your emotional intelligence, this coaching approach provides you with the tools and strategies you need to succeed. Our target audience includes individuals who are curious about the science behind human behavior and motivated to unlock their brain’s full potential.

1: Unlock Your Potential – awareness, clarity & choice

2: Harness the Power – Action plan

3: Inner Critic Voices

4: Negative emotions

5: Transformational Journey- Intro neuro behavioral and law of attraction

6: Inner cleansing – 360 degree personality change

7: High Energy Leap

8: Goal Setting

9: Accountability & Support

10:A New You

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