Magnetic Mind Coach

A Fitness Mindset Journey

"Empowering Women Leaders, Executives & Entrepreneurs in combating Burnout, Stress, Anxiety to cultivate a life of Abundant Mental Wealth through the power of Positive Intelligence.

Rejuvinated Personality, Fitness Mindset, Healthy Relations, Successful Profession.   All are achievable if you just believe in it.

ACC -ICF Certified & Masters in Neuro Coaching

Positive Intelligence Coach & Accredited Law of Attraction Coach

Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology

Nutritional Coach and Fitness Trainer

Dr. Mary Gandhi - Magnetic Mind Success Coach

Dr. Mary, a member of WorldWide women`s association and German country chair for Coaching and Training G-100 Wing, has coached Single mothers in traumatic  relations,  professionals challenges,  women battling self confidence.

She has helped them discover the powerful benefits of Positive Intelligence Coaching methods; incorporating thought provoking transformational questions; understanding the emotional triggers and using the technique of self-command (meditations and training) to conquer unhealthy behaviour and unbalanced patterns and help  achieve a healthier and abundant mindset.

Dr. Mary is on a mission to help Single over whelmed Mom Professionals overcome stress and traumatic situations through her Positive Intelligence Method of Coaching.

Mary G.

What can I help you with?

The challenges that you face as a single mother; going through hurdles in a relationship, lack of communication with children (Teenagers) and professional struggles in terms of growth mindset etc. I coach single mothers and mothers with teenage children using positive intelligence methods.

Deeper Relations

Help heal and nurture meaningful relationships by building a concrete foundation.

Career/ Business Breakthroughs

Connect to the Universe and Embrace the unbelievable possibilities of Success

Neuro Mindset

Reconditioning of the Mind to eradicate anxiety, depression and negative thoughts

Health & Fitness

Find the newer version of yourself by probing deeper and tapping into a workout zone

Positive Intelligence Methods

Help you get rid of various impediments and ailments hindering wellbeing

Testamonials from clients

"During the coaching sessions I was in doubts but as Mary and I journeyed together, I was compelled to believe that I myself could heal my condition of fluctuating Blood Pressure through the process of Law of Attraction and its manifestations. I had been struggling with it for 2 months and now I am completely cured of it since 6 months."
Rebecca Kuriakose
"Going through seperation with my husband and thinking about my children, I was devastated and heart broken. I needed to be strong for my children. My mind was not cooperating with me, thats when my friend recommended me about Dr. Mary who literally turned my life around 360 degrees. Through her Neuro Training and PQ & Law of Attractions Coaching methods I was able to re-live a life of desires once again! "
Rose Thomas
Due to overwhelming and exhaustion with an imbalance in Work-Life, I became the victim of vertigo attacks. Just after 3 sessions my condition started to improve and before the end of the 6 sessions my vertigo disappeared and not a trace of return. I feel good and can continue my exercises and other activities.
Sibin Vargis

Choose Your Success Plan

Positive Intelligence Coaching - 6 group sessions + 4 individual sessions

Week 1: Introduction to Positive Intelligence
Week 2: Identifying your Saboteurs
Week 3: Strengthening your Sage Brain
Week 4: The PQ reprogramming Toolkit
Week 5: Building Resilience and Positive Habits
Week 6: Sustaining your Positive Intelligence
Week 7 to 12: One on one coaching sessions to success

ICF Transformational Coaching- 6 weeks & 12 weeks sessions

Week 1: Goal Setting and Clarity
Week 2-3: Self-Discovery and Awareness
Week 4-5: Goal Achievement and Strategy
Week 6: Integration and Future Planning
Week 5-8: Action Planning and Implementation
Week 9-10: Mindset Shift and Resilience Building
Week 11-12: Integration and Future Vision

Neuro Behavioural & Law of Attractions Coaching- 8 weeks sessions

Week 1: Unlock Your Potential
Week 2: Harness the Power of Your Mind
Week 3: Law of Attraction Mastery
Week 4: Neuro plasticity
Week 5-8: Transformational Journey
Week 9-10: Neuroscience Insights
Week 7: Goal Setting
Week 11-12: Accountability & Support

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